Friday, 3 October 2014

Coast to Coast

WITH winter edging nearer, we took a brief break just a few miles down the Fylde coast - at former fishing port and resort Fleetwood.

This Victorian, architect-designed town overlooks spectacular Morecambe Bay, with a backdrop of Lake District mountains.
It was a Monday and, following diligent research by She Who Knows, we had a bargain, one-night booking at the North Euston Hotel - where Queen Victoria stayed when travelling to Scotland by rail and sea.
It was her intention (She Who Knows, not Queen Victoria) to make a circular hike next day at sleepy Knott End (see cover of The Last Resort, left and on our Books page).
After promenading the well-spruced Esplanade, then checking on ferry times across the Wyre estuary, we enjoyed an excellent, three-course hotel dinner with panoramic view of sunset in the bay.
"The air's so fresh!" enthused She Who Knows next morning, lowering our casement window overlooking a changed sea view with the incoming tide.
A full English breakfast fortified us as, now dressed for rambling, we took the short trip across the estuary in the Wyre Rose. Four miles of quiet countryside and sleepy suburbs awaited us at Knott End, where we completed the day with a pint then home-cooked meal in a cafe garden near the ferry.
An ice-cream on Fleetwood's Esplanade was then the final farewell to this northern end of our Lancashire coastline by the Irish Sea.
At the other, southern tip of the Fylde, which includes busy Cleveleys, world-famous Blackpool then more sedate St. Annes, is Lytham - champion of champions in Britain in Bloom and "most sought-after" place to live in U.K.
But Fleetwood has that stunning view of the Lakes, its Victorian grandeur and, nearby, little Knott End needs just one policeman - as Britain's most crime-free area.
How grand it is being so close to all that, here at Edmonds Towers in Great Marton. Readers of this website can explore our coast further in many of the novels on our Books page, such as Life of Bliss, At Heaven's Gate, A Brush With Murder and, most recently, 50 Shades of Bass.
However, there is beauty wherever one looks and we also have novels set in more exotic locations.
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