Saturday, 13 September 2014

Crop of Gold

I SHALL be watching the last match of the season today at Blackpool Cricket Club, enjoying light sunshine and cool refreshment on its terrace overlooking Stanley Park.

Soon the towering poplars and craggy willows there will be burnished, with autumn just days away and crisp leaves blowing loose along our lanes.
Overhead, too, we'll hear the cry of geese as skeins fly south.
While, at Edmonds Towers in Great Marton, we will look eagerly each breakfast for a return of our garden birds, especially that red-coat heralding morning frosts.
Yes, all seasons have their appeal.
Soon there will be the welcome warmth of snug bars after watching footballers brave chill winds, their gasps of breath like woodsmoke drifting across silvery fields.
There's a cosy welcome, too, at home - where rain or sleet may rattle windows but only hearten appetites for food, drink and shared comfort.
In that same spirit of friendship, we open the door of this website and bid you greetings. Please stay as long as you please, then visit us again - for the pages, like our seasons, change regularly.
By winter we hope to offer another novel on our Books page, for your entertainment. Excerpts from these also appear on the Story/Chapter page.
A Hong Kong autumn is recalled by close website partner Ed Black, on the Memoir page; while still better seasoned minds delight with our Poem.
It is all free and there to enjoy, just like those passing seasons.
Any payments for Kindle or paperback books go to support this non-profit making venture intended to share thoughts and lift spirits.
We welcome all, from the west of the States to troubled Ukraine and beyond in the east.
So, please wander inside, put your feet up and stay for a while . . .
Then enjoy!

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