Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A Salute To Freedom

A SPITFIRE plane soared jubilantly across the sky over Stanley Park, near our home. It was a poignant spectacle as the resort marked Armed Forces Week.

We friends, some older but many younger, were watching cricket. However, we all stared in silence with a mixture of  wonder and gratitude.
That fighter plane from the last world war was once flown by one of Churchill's "few". It was a reminder of their courage and the debt we owe. They won the Battle of Britain for the rest of us - and this peace we should treasure.
When lives and freedom are at risk it falls to each of us to stand up against persecution from politics, race or religion.

Let us guard against tyranny wherever it rises, even within ourselves.
One way to fight is through literature. It helps us understand others and their lives; our common bond of humanity.
This website is my own humble effort. I hope you find it positive and uplifting. Humour, too, cuts through hypocrisy and restores us.
Books, mostly novels, can be sampled and ordered in paperback or Kindle on our Books page. Excerpts and short stories are regularly updated on our Chapter/Story page. For a shorter read, why not turn to our Poem page? Finally, there are travel tales on our Memoir page which, again, is regularly revised.
I hope you enjoy your summer, too, not only any holiday but your freedom.
May your spirit soar like a Spitfire!

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