Saturday, 3 May 2014

Make Merry In May

MAY is surely the best of months. There's a warm promise of summer to come and life blossoms once more about us. No wonder the birds sing and lambs gambol in the fields.

I was born in May and this year sees me qualifying for an old age pension. Am I wiser? Yes, though still making mistakes. Am I happier? Undoubtedly, being young and making your mark - then maintaining it - is  wearisome work.
Now people, even attractive ladies, return my smile and feel at ease in my company - as they see me as no challenge or threat to them. Many even defer to me, which is flattering.
Of course, at home in Edmonds Towers at Great Marton on our Fylde coast of Lancashire, She Who Knows is even wiser.
I may have more freedom now - but also a wife who makes sure it's not squandered.
These days we rarely dine out in the evenings, preferring lunchtime or late-afternoon snacks. They're cheaper, less crowded and you have more time, both during and afterwards, to relax.
Yes, our lives are pleasant. We can only shake our heads in dismay at troubles and carnage around the world.
Most disruption stems, of course, from lack of understanding and intolerance among men. They don't appreciate what's most valuable to them - and freely available. They fear and despise others' creeds, faiths and ways. Yet, diversity is the wonder of our world.
In its small way, this website seeks to extend mutual sympathy and our delight in life. Amazingly, readers hail from as far afield as Canada and Latvia, Vietnam and Venezuela.
On the Memoir page (see top right) we share amusing anecdotes of world travel. Finer thoughts run through our Poem page, while there's a wealth of reading in our Books.
The Chapter/Story page now carries a further three sample chapters, making six in all, from the latest novel to be published very soon.
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Welcome to you all!

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