Thursday, 17 April 2014

Our Easter Egg

I JOIN you again gratefully, after toiling in the garden of Edmonds Towers, here at Great Marton on the Fylde coast of Lancashire.

It's a relief to be snug once more in my study (come storage room and laundry), rather than repairing winter's gale damage and preparing flower beds for planting. However, what sunny weather spring has brought us!
Also, it's always exciting to be only a finger touch (on my lap top's keys) from you in the rest of this ever closer but wonderful world.
I hope you'll continue to enjoy this website and send us your thoughts - whether from other parts of the U.K.; continental and Eastern Europe; the Americas; Middle and Far East, or Antipodes - we welcome you all.
Easter has a special meaning to many and for most of us marks the change in seasons that most lifts our spirits.
Soon I'll be breakfasting on hot cross buns with marmalade (I'm writing this first thing in the morning), then perhaps a local egg. We'll be watching tennis from Monte Carlo on satellite t.v. - before heading up the coast to Lytham, and our own tennis club.
It's surrounded by cricket ground, mature firs and beech trees - not a bad life and I'm truly grateful, as is She Who Knows.
Our Poem page will soon carry a rare effort from myself - about Blackpool Cricket Club, closer to our home, and spring. We'd also like your contributions, whether written by yourself or others you admire.
Meanwhile, on the Memoir page, I shall be recalling my last stop - at Rome - on a haphazard homeward journey from years in the Far East and Australia. It was a far from religious experience - being poked in the stomach with a submachine gun, pick-pocketed then refused entry to the Sistine Chapel.
However, the experiences taught me the truth of that old adage I first saw in my formerly wealthy grandparents' last and most humble house: 'East, West, Home is Best'.
Perhaps we should make that our Easter message as we crack those sweet or savoury eggs others have given us. It's love and family which make the world go round.
Such sentiments also inspire much of the writing on our Books page. I am now doing a final revision - when not gardening - of my latest novel, 50 Shades of Bass, set here close to Blackpool though in past times. The first chapters from it can be found on our Story/Chapter page.
Enjoy your Easter but share ours too.
Have a cracking time!

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