Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Join Us In Paradise

GREETINGS from my island in the Aegean. This is Ed Black, Roy's close collaborator on this website, posting to you from Paradiseo, in Greece, at its loveliest time of year.

Of course, Paradiseo is just my pet name for the island. There will be enough tourists here come summer and I avoid promoting our paradise any further, for fear of it being spoiled.
It took me a lifetime searching islands (first Hong Kong, where I encountered fellow Mancunian Roy and set my novel Romp & Circumstance; then Manhattan, where my other novel Harry's Hand is based, along with Greece) before finding this haven. I would be a proper April Fool to now ruin our idyllic retreat.
Let's just say we're in the Saronic group of islands not far from Athens, where my lovely Diana hails from and still adores fashion shopping and partying with her younger friends.
For me, it's a wrench just leaving the Old Harbour district, where my cocktail bar and grille Black Velvet is a quiet success. I awake to the uplifting cries of gulls, the gentle lap of the Aegean Sea and adventurous chatter of halyards against sailing masts.
The only excursions interesting me at this pleasantly mild time of year, are boat trips to remote beaches with Diana, or walks into the pine-forested hills above us with Bacchus, my soft-hearted bull mastiff. He loves to sniff the spring flowers that abound there now, quite forgetting the rabbits and game birds I hope to bag for the pot.
Yet, come evening, we are still sleepily quiet and it is often cool enough to light a log fire. We can sit, too, at taverna pontoons under the stars, without the aggravation yet of mosquito bites.
In summer a kind of baking madness descends, leaving us all but frazzled by autumn. Winter is a time to regroup and repair, lick our wounds and examine the harsh realities of trading accounts.
Yes, dear reader, spring is the season to revel in life and be grateful just to be here. However, don't envy me in Paradiseo - for joyful escape awaits you, too, on this website.
Through fiction you can travel where you please; hop about in time, share the highs and lows of passions and adventures. All that while effortlessly bringing understanding and meaning into your life, like spring sunshine through my villa's blue-shuttered windows.
To take a look at the novels I mentioned above, along with many others by Roy, turn to our Books page.
He is revising the first draft of his next novel 50 Shades of Bass, a period mystery/romance set in both the 1980s and mid-Victorian era, and  from which you can read the first three chapters on our Story/Chapter page.
The Memoir page reflects some of our many memories of travel over the years, invariably with humorous consequences.
Finally, why not take a gentle dip into still more reflective literature - on our Poem page? Contributions of your own writing, or from favourite poets, are always welcome.
We also hope you'll comment here upon these posts, as well as chatting to us through Roy's email address opposite.
The website has long enjoyed a large readership in the States, as well as the U.K. and western Europe, also in the Far East and Australasia. More recently, we have welcomed readers from East Europe, particularly Ukraine, and - equally exciting - South America, especially Brazil.
So, tell us a little about yourselves, just as I have shared my feelings with you about Paradiseo - and Roy regales us with home-spun news from Great Marton, on the Fylde coast of Lancashire, England.
Wherever you are, it's a small but wonderful world.

Yassas, my friends!

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