Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Warming Words

"WE'VE been fortunate!" observed She Who Knows, as we snuggled before the fireplace at Edmonds Towers, Great Marton, watching news coverage of floods and wintry storms.

"The only snow and ice we've seen," I agreed, "has been from the Winter Olympics."
Unlike much of Britain; or continental Europe, come to that, or the frozen States . . . while in Russia and the East they're used to winter's grip.
Here, my snowdrops are out in our garden but the sky bright blue, while our Fylde air is fresh from the sea and spring-like.
"Still, there's time to go before real sunshine," I warn, wary of gardening chores She Who is already mentally listing after the ravages of gales.
This is a time to enjoy a stroll, well wrapped in woollens, to somewhere cosily heated and serving hot drinks. Then, as at home, it's perfect to read a good book or, perhaps, share an anecdote over a beer.
I've been preparing my next novel for Kindle and paperback. It's entitled '50 Shades of Bass' and based here, close to Blackpool on the Irish Sea, set partly in Victorian times.
Learning the history of your neighbourhood is fascinating and enriching. I look forward to sharing all that with you this summer, when publication is due.
In the meantime, our travel tales continue in Egypt (see Memoir page); there's pause for thought on our Poem section, and fiction for you on our Story and Books pages.
Whether your preference is for paperback or Kindle, you can obtain novels and other books through this website which, I hope, you'll also find interesting to peruse.
We would enjoy hearing from you, too. Just email royeuser at - with any thoughts or contributions.
Happy reading!

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