Sunday, 2 February 2014

Raining in Paradise

GREETINGS to you from Paradiseo in the Aegean. I am Ed Black, close collaborator on this website.
Roy is busy writing '50 Shades of Bass' - see Books page - so I am posting to you this month.
My island cocktail bar and grille in the Old Harbour is still closed for off season. The temperature hovers in double figures and winter winds have eased, but it's raining steadily.
In fact, I enjoy this quiet time now as it aids contemplation on the profounder matters of life - like literature before a log fire with glass of wine in hand, or an ouzo in the old cafe with the ancient ones. They've seen it all and are content to stare out at a grey sea and be grateful for what's been and remains.
If you want to get a taste of island life, take a dip into my novel Harry's Hand (see Books). It also casts a look at destiny but, personally, I remain humble about such matters.
The popular piece by Shelley on our Poem page takes a similar stance. This reminder of passing time and man's frailty is echoed further, in a contribution from Roy, on our Story/Chapter page. The Shelly poem also hails from Egypt, where Roy will be wandering back soon on our Memoir page.
I hope you, too, can use this quieter time of year to charge up the batteries so, like my old Norton motorbike here on Paradiseo, you'll be firing on all cylinders when the weather finally brightens.
Yassas, my friends!

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