Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Growing Pains

HELLO to you from Great Marton on the Fylde coast of Lancashire. I write this in my humble gardening clothes, with dirt still in my nails but a glow of achievement inside.

During recent gales off the Irish Sea, I've watched my garden at Edmonds Towers being battered and drenched.
It was a depressing sight as She Who Knows and me emerged into the New Year.
But, as so often happens, a problem shared is a problem no more.
A joiner friend volunteered to fix rotten timbers damaged on our shed. He also noticed the double gates into the garden were in poor repair.
Some new hinges, a large piece of chipboard and roll of felt later and . . . all is well.
I can now see my way to fixing the leaning pergola, replacing damaged planting boxes, trimming trees.
It was just a helpful push that was needed.
Meanwhile, of course, She Who Knows will encourage, observe and inspire from the Towers' rear dining-room window or kitchen doors.
She is joined by a watchful menagerie of birds nesting in our great ivy hedge - blue tits, blackbirds, sparrows and robin.
What more incentive could one want?
In thanks, we have added a garden flavour to our Poem and Story pages on this website, while Memoir sees the beginning of a long journey homeward.
Of course, the start of any task worth doing can be daunting - such as writing a novel.
But once you get started, perhaps with a helping hand, progress can be rapid and encouraging.
If you don't believe me, turn to our Books page.

So, give it a flourish!

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