Saturday, 26 October 2013

Cosy Kindling

AS soon as summer's gone, our house bills here at Edmonds Towers rise along with our indoor temperature.
She Who Knows, being a lady, likes to keep warm.
Heating, hot-water, lots of light - it all costs money. But, of course, she's worth it! Where, gentlemen, would we be without those ladies?
At the neighbourhood public house, no doubt, and spending still more money.
Although I may have been restrained from running amok, the gardens here at Great Marton have known no such boundaries since summer's sunshine and autumn's downpours. They're overgrown.
This means more money, as keen gardener 'Football Phil' (from that local inn I just mentioned) tackles the giant ivy hedge once more - to help us and to fund his attendances at Blackpool F.C.
Despite all this, November is a time for celebrations here on the Fylde, Lancashire's Irish Sea coast. Both She Who Knows and her legendary, socialite mother have birthday celebrations and it's also our anniversary.
With Christmas now also in view, I shall be throwing caution to the wind and rifling the coffers once more.
However, what do you get the lady who has everything?
What will last and give increasing good value over years? What will keep one entertained and expand one's mind as heavy rain and icy blasts hammer at windows?
My answer might also appeal to you, dear readers from around the world.
I am buying She Who Knows a Kindle electronic reader, so she can enjoy books by myself, close collaborator Ed Black (who will be posting to you soon) and, of course, other authors past and present.
Of course, a cheaper gift suggestion that will also give lasting pleasure, is a paperback.
Turn to our Books page and have a glance through titles or 'look inside' at samples.
You can also read our Chapter page, which - by popular demand - gives another taste of characters at Blackpool's oldest inn, The Saddle.
Finally, to remind you of next year's sunshine, our Memoir page has more travel tales from Australia.
Warmest wishes to you all!

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