Thursday, 19 September 2013

It was a quiet day in . . .

THAT was how some of the biggest news stories used to break in the old days of hot-metal newspapers . . .

'It was a quiet day in the newsroom when . . . " - then into the big event as it unfurled in the local paper's area.
Now local and world news are almost instant, through social media and mobile phones. There's so much information most of it isn't news any more.
New technology has made the world smaller and anyone who stands in the way gets swept along with the tide - like deluded, old King Canute.
That's no bad thing for peace and understanding and, of course, it applies to our entertainment too.
At Edmonds Towers, here in Great Marton on the Fylde - Lancashire's blustery Irish Sea coast, our favourite whodunnits on telly are now international. I don't necessarily mean American either (though we still watch the innovative 'Columbo' classics).
I also still love our own 'Morse', or its follow-up 'Lewis' (too slow, complains She Who Knows); also period detectives such as 'Poirot' or 'Miss Marple'.
But other big hits recently have been the down-to-earth and moody Swedish and Danish intrigues; or that tempestuous 'Montalbano' from Sicily.
Even the statistics on this humble website amaze and inspire me. There are followers all over the world, from Canada to China and including a loyal readership in Ukraine.
Well, welcome, I say.
Our Memoir side page is also well travelled and will continue over coming weeks to relate funny experiences, at present from Down Under in Australia.
The world of fiction - both online and in books - grows ever greater but also closer to hand.
Our own Books and Chapter pages bring adventure and romance from settings across Britain but also in New York, the Greek islands, Far East and, most recently Sri Lanka.
We hope you enjoy them and keep in touch . . .
Wherever you may be!

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