Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Classic Lines

NOTHING concentrates the mind like a health scare close to home and family, or among friends and colleagues. It highlights what matters most and makes us purposeful.

Of late there have been a few round here at Great Marton, on the Irish Sea's Fylde coast. Health is wealth, they say. As we get older medical checks are rather like taking a much appreciated but ageing car for its annual M.O.T. - there's always something on the blink you'll have to pay for or deal with.
If automated and offered second-hand, I might be listed as:  "Of classic style, fairly clean for age, steady runner; one careful lady owner."
Thankfully, She Who Knows is not thinking of parting with me yet. We've just renewed our car and home insurance but misinformed them. She Who should have been listed as the most valuable of treasures in Edmonds Towers.
Whatever personal concerns weigh upon us from time to time, thinking of others lifts us. One of life's great ironies is that we are never happier than when we forget ourselves.
Perhaps that is why I'm having difficulties writing a humorous autobiography. It's had three titles so far and flows best when writing about others rather than myself.
In the meantime, our Memoir page of travel anecdotes has moved on with summer to the other side of the world - at Sydney.
Here, as autumn drives in, I hope you'll enjoy reading from our Books page, tempted perhaps by a Chapter.
So, good cheer to you all . . .

I wish you well.

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