Saturday, 27 April 2013

Make Way for Merry May

HERE in Blighty temperatures are finally creeping into double figures as spring stirs rather late.
It's the merry month of May - yours truly's birthdate and our starting mark on Lancashire's Fylde coast for summer fun.
Here at Edmonds Towers, in Great Marton, it's Saturday as I post in mid-morning.
She Who Knows is perusing the daily news in bed, where we have just breakfasted on toasted hot cross buns with marmalade and lashings of tea.
In my 'study' nearby, I overlook the gardens with daffodils and primulas in flower. Our blackbird from the great ivy hedge is in soaring song, bluetits flitter about the feeders, while a squirrel darts up a large sycamore - inspiring a lazing cat to stir and stretch below.
This afternoon the forecast is good for a derby match against St Annes On Sea at nearby Blackpool Cricket Club. There I shall enjoy a couple of cask ales with friends on the terrace overlooking Stanley Park.
There's fish & chips for supper and tomorrow is open day at beautiful nearby Lytham, where She Who and myself play tennis through summer.
All's well with our world! 
What's more, there's much for you to enjoy here too.
A Brush With Murder, set here on the Fylde, is the latest read on our Books page. It's a gripping story with an easy style and uplifting tone.
Elsewhere, warm yourself with a sample from forthcoming novel Over My Dead Body, set in Sri Lanka, on our Chapter page.
There's also a taste of exotica on our Memoir page, this time recalling funny experiences in Japan.
Cheerfully turning our back on the world's more depressing news, here we extend the hand of friendship to readers from the Far East to America's west coast. As ever, we wish you peace, love, happiness and what's more . . .
A Merry May.

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