Saturday, 13 April 2013

Greetings from Paradise!

HELLO readers, this is Ed Black posting you again from the Aegean island of Paradiseo.

Roy, inspired by the popular reception of his latest published novel A Brush With Murder (see 'Books' in side pages), is busy formatting what he maintains will be his next and last fictional outpouring.
That novel - his 12th book - will be entitled Over My Dead Body. He tells me it is a novel set mainly in Sri Lanka (see 'Chapter' for an early sample).
Back in Blighty, I understand, you're just warming to the late arrival of spring weather.
Here in the Greek archipelago the temperature is steadily rising just as that implacable sun, like a giant ripening orange, emerges on the Aegean's horizon each splendid morning.
But life here is not all sunshine. As regular readers will recall, the island where I have chosen to spend my maturity is not really called Paradiseo. The reality is different and contentment, as always, requires that balance all life needs.
As you will know through the media frenzy I used to help direct as a public relations man, Greece and its offspring Cyprus have their financial problems.
Fortunately, on the island we keep life commendably simple. A traditional barter system keeps afloat all those like me with businesses to maintain. We have to pay for supplies from the mainland, of course, but our low tax (fuelled by backhanders to our mayor) keeps us in the black.
I call the island Paradiseo to avoid attracting more swathes of budget tourists. Sorry if this sounds arrogant but I had my share of all that running a British-pub-style place at the popular end of the island in my early days here. I called it Black & Tan and it nearly did me in.
Now I've moved to my upmarket cocktail bar and grille called Black Velvet in the quiet Old Harbour. After all that crazy hard work, noise and drunkenness of the past I deserve this calm and charm. My patrons are fewer but can afford to pay more. See what I mean by balance?
Whatever your own tastes and income, I can recommend a return trip to Greece and its relaxing islands. Your rate of exchange will greatly balance your peace of mind, wherever you hail from. You can lap up sand, sea and sun, plus waterfront cocktails and meals, without worrying how you're going to pay.
However, you will also need some holiday reading to keep minds active. For those with Kindles, you will find my pulse-warming novels among Roy's heartier, feel-good ones.
See you soon in Paradise, wherever you find it.
Yassas, my friends!

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