Friday, 1 March 2013

Spring into Life!

AS I write this in early morning, a light frost covers the rooftops  outside my 'study' window at Edmonds Towers, Great Marton. Flurries of snowflakes alight on the spring flowers emerging in our garden. Meanwhile, in the nearby bedroom, She Who Knows is sleeping still.

I have just revised the final draft of my current novel A Brush With Murder - perhaps the best to date.
This romantic, light thriller is set here on the Fylde coast of Lancashire by the Irish Sea. Its action is in a more rural village than our own district in the Blackpool suburbs, and one closer to picturesque Lytham St Annes.
The book should be available soon and include a first chapter of my next and probably final novel Over My Dead Body.
This latter, inspired by a health scare, is another novel I'm proud of but surprised by.
As artist and decorator Will Wakefield from A Brush With Murder would no doubt agree, the creative process is mysterious and often startling. It can awe even the artist or writer. Yet, afterwards, they move on aware of falling short once again.
Hopefully, their attempts entertain and, in turn, inspire others.
How can we hope to reflect life's infinite diversity, its beauty, excitement or mystery? Nature, like the coming spring and its new beginnings, is where true glory lies.
I began this post last Saturday and it was soon time to halt and make breakfast - when I heard She Who at last waking nearby. Then there was steaming tea and grilled hot-cross buns with marmalade; a read of the newspaper and a magazine in bed, before more practical concerns such as shaving and shopping . . .
But since, over past days until now, I've had time to think back and appreciate completing a dozen books, written over decades while working as a journalist but all published last year.
In particular, I am  today considering my first published novel, Where Angels Tread. There is still a box full of copies here in this small spare bedroom come store, laundry and study. I plan to ask local churches if they would care to sell them. For, like most of my other books, the novel - a humorous romance and light thriller - has a  positive, moralistic theme supporting the modern Christian message.
All the books are also available locally in paperback form, or from booksellers generally, as well as online - particularly through our Books (see side pages).
I shall soon be including a chapter from A Brush With Murder on our Excerpts page - to whet your appetites.
Meanwhile, I shall be turning eventually beyond the novels to Only The Good News, a light-hearted memoir already begun that will be my main work towards the end of this year and, probably, into the next. A taste of its anecdotes from overseas is available on our side page Way Over Yonder.
I hope you enjoy all these and they make you feel good too. If so, they will have been worthwhile.
But now it's time to go. Next door She Who Knows is stirring once more . . .
As is spring outside our windows.

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Anonymous said...

Grilled hot cross buns and marmalade. Clearly no weight concerns at this moment in time. I was speaking to a neighbour yesterday who worked in Hong Kong in the seventies for the RAF. He told me back in the mid-seventies it would take four day for a military aircraft to get back to UK. His plane went via Singapore, Bahrain, Cyprus and Brize Norton. Of course by the eighties we had cut it down to 12 hours on Cathay Pacific.