Saturday, 1 December 2012

A Christmas Glow

THE air is crisp round Great Marton but sunshine spears the coast's chill. When well wrapped up - like a festive gift -  there's a glow about folk's faces, their iced breath filling the air with greetings.

On our streets just inland from the wind-tossed Irish Sea, decorated stores jostle with activity and a smell of pine springs from stacked fir trees.
There's a festive air, too, at Edmonds Towers. Cards already abound about the fireplace - from the birthday of She Who Knows and our recent anniversary.
What's more, I've seen a robin return to our gardens, fluffed up like a chubby, red-cheeked child against early frost but enjoying the day's first rays of sunshine.
Up in bed, She Who nurses a steaming mug of tea while, downstairs in a fireside armchair, I compose my first thoughts on this month that I so much more enjoy in retirement.
It's good to remember and write a few messages and cards to old friends, near and far; to think of surprise gifts to loved ones, then plan outings to buy them, perhaps rounding off a busy afternoon by a pub's log fire.
How much heartier to be here in a bright British December than a steamy festive season overseas!
I shall soon be regaling you with a story from Hong Kong at Christmas - keep an eye on our Way Over Yonder page of humorous memoirs.
If you want books to buy for Christmas, look at some of the novels and others on our Books page. It couldn't be easier to order or sample them, but leave time for delivery.
If you just fancy a quiet read, perhaps with mince pie and coffee, visit our Excerpts page that will soon be featuring an equalling rich taste from latest publication At Heaven's Gate.
But this is not just a time to think of others - and occasionally ourselves - then to socialise and feast. There's another Christmas story that pervades and inspires these special days ahead.
May you enjoy the true festive spirit it tells of and rejoice.
Cheers to all!


Anonymous said...

A very merry Christmas to Roy and thanks for the memories which seem only like yesterday. Also, for alerting me to Ted Thomas's blog. I can't believe he writes it himself as he surely in his eighties. Also, he still gets mentioned in Private Eye over his once dubious role as 'financial adviser' to Clare Hollingworth. I shall be in Bangkok and Dubai again next year for conferences and will mention your name to Bill Barnes and Mark Fisher who still live expatriate lives. I presume Bill will die in Thailand as he has just bought a four-bedroomed flat there and he is allegedly still single.

Roy Edmonds said...

Being single and having four bedrooms in Bangkok could be life-threatening I guess.

Anonymous said...

I would agree. Also, he is rather evasive about what work he does. If any.