Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Autumn of Life

AUTUMN has settled on Great Marton but at Edmonds Towers we are not dismayed.
It is a season of change and maturity, enjoyed best when well wrapped up for a stroll or in quiet reflection by a cosy fire.
Besides, I've much to celebrate in life!
There is She Who Knows to look after me and see I remain active - nipping up and down stairs with cups of tea, out to shops, maintaining garden and home, partnering her at tennis or dance sessions . . .
And, great relief to males of mature age, a recent high PSA reading has proved benign. A cloud of possible ill health lifted into sunshine.
What's more, I have a new novel published.
Born Again Sinner was begun when still working on newspapers but my heart and soul more concerned with life outside the office window.
It also allowed me to look back on a different time and place, Manchester in the 80s and even earlier - at Chorlton there when, as a young man, I first left home to share a flat.
The plot also allowed me to spotlight a couple of delightful old pubs: the remarkably unspoiled Circus Tavern in Manchester's Portland Street, and Tudor-style Horse & Jockey by the quaint green in Chorlton-cum-Hardy.
Above all, the novel is a celebration of the true riches in life: good health; awareness of nature, and a sense of goodness and purpose.
There are also, of course, humour, danger . . . and romance.
Life wouldn't be complete without those.
Enjoy your autumn reading!


Anonymous said...

Hi Roy,
Out of mere interest, what was Arthur, the prickly South African sub-editor at the SCMP, surname and what happened to him. Also has Creffield survived in Shoreham or has he departed this life, like so many scribes from Hong Kong.

Roy Edmonds said...

Can't remember Arthur's surname or where he went, though he did marry a charming member of our Chinese staff as I recall. The charming Creffield sold his overseas jobs newspaper but I haven't come across him for many years. Keep me informed. Cheers, Roy.