Saturday, 18 August 2012

In Search of . . . Fun!

GREETINGS from Great Marton, here on the blustery Fylde coast of Lancashire.
It's grand, too! Today I'm attending a 90th birthday celebration at Blackpool Cricket Club for my old friend Francis, a witty and charming descendant on the noble line of Edinburgh Stewarts.
The forecast for the afternoon is bright, as Blackpool host top local rivals Fleetwood and, down at Lords, England battles for top place with visitors South Africa.
Afterwards we'll be entertaining my delightful, socialite mother-in-law Wynne here at Edmonds Towers. I'll get the wine and table ready, She Who Knows is doing the rest (prawn cocktail, roast duck in orange sauce followed by caramel and chocolate cheesecake).
It's just as well my next cholesterol blood test is not until Wednesday.
Good news also reached me from Hong Kong, where my old pal Bill Yim is fully recovered following an operation for cancer.
The irreverent cartoonist and magician is an outrageous but lovable character who has a walk on role in my latest book, In Search of Big Eileen.
The book, available on kindle and in paperback, is a humorous novella about a young adventurer's search for romance and the good life in the Far East. It is accompanied by three short stories, also mainly about man's search for that dream lady - one also involving tennis, another ballroom dancing and, finally, a fitting, thought-provoking finale.
In Search of Big Eileen also features another great Hong Kong character, the late foreign correspondent Dick Hughes. His many friends and admirers meet and salute his memory in the secretive Alcoholics Synonymous at the Foreign Correspondents' Club.
If In Search of Big Eileen sounds familiar, it was serialised in this website some time ago but proved so popular that publication in full seemed appropriate.
I hope you enjoy it and have included the first chapter on our Excerpts page as tasteful aperitif.
Another Hong Kong character will be celebrated on the Way Over Yonder page, Victor Garcia - an extraordinary copy typist who could swear fluently in many languages and whom the South China Morning Post found it impossible to retire.
Next month I shall bring news from closer to home, of a book signing and personal appearance at Knott End.
So, readers, bon appetit!


Anonymous said...

I see the acerbic Nick Macfie has started a Hong Kong blog and is covering very similar ground to yourself. But you were there first.

Roy Edmonds said...

Indeed! In fact, Nick and I have been in touch electronically. We apparently overlapped on the SCM Post but, dear Anon, I found him charm personified.
Being 'first' of course is an age thing. You soon realise, it's all been done before and, often, much better. C'est la vie!

Anonymous said...

So why bother doing it yourself!!!????