Tuesday, 17 July 2012

An Open Book

THE world's sporting attention turned upon our Fylde coast this month, for the Open Tournament at Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club. But our weather failed to give a warm Lancashire welcome.
Tiger Woods and other US golfers have just left one of America's most serious droughts. However, here by the Irish Sea, a drizzly July has followed our wettest June.
But at Edmonds Towers we rise above such setbacks.
"Perhaps it'll brighten up later," says a cheery She Who Knows as we settle into our morning routine. This sees me in an armchair with laptop updating these posts and my books while, in the master bedroom above, She Who rattles through games of online contract bridge while awaiting mugs of tea brought up regularly by Yours Truly.
Often it does clear up later, too, as sea winds blow the clouds inland to Preston and the distant Pennines, or south to the verdant North Wales coast.
We're then off to Lytham ourselves, but for tennis rather than golf. While, if it doesn't stop raining, there is an indoor court on the intervening Marton Moss - at what I nickname the Racquets & Whippets Club.
In fact, we also make a weekly trip from here in Great Marton to a close neighbour of the Royal Lytham & St Annes. Our port of call is the Ansdell Institute, a sort of Victorian social club with extras. Donated to locals by a benefactor, this impressive edifice includes a ballroom and once had bowling greens and gardens. These latter now form part of the Royal L&A's links course.
As the Institute's large balcony now overlooks the golf, we get a panoramic view for the few quid it costs to join.
Still, during rain we're cosily settled in the building's basement. It's there we play our duplicate bridge.
So, you see, pleasure doesn't have to come at a high price. The best of life is there for everyone to enjoy, in all weathers.
So, let's remember and . . .
Keep smiling!

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