Sunday, 20 May 2012

Coming Clean

HELLO readers! I'm 63 this month, though inside myself still feel 36 most of the time. It's just the outside that betrays me, although many say I'm holding together quite well.

She Who Knows, of course, seems to get younger every day. She still delights in recalling how a doctor in Sri Lanka thought her mother (a well preserved octogenarian) was my wife and She Who our daughter.
We were there so mother-in-law could see where her late husband served in the war. I duly took She Who Senior to the botanical gardens at Kandy. We were in a hired, chauffeured car and the good lady explained to curious locals her mission to see where hubby used to be, when serving with Lord Mountbatten's intelligence staff.
This all got misunderstood and out of hand quickly, as a large crowd gathered about us muttering, "It's Lady Mountbatten, returned for visit . . . "
The object of their curiosity was oblivious.
As we drove away the Lady M-in-Law waved regally then enthused: "They're so friendly these locals, aren't they?"
This month we shall all be going out for a slap-up meal and dance at Sands, the stylish, live-music venue overlooking Blackpool's golden sands. But the build up to my birthday was a murky one.
Our drains overflowed in the rear grounds of Edmonds Towers.
A man who answered my insurance claim call couldn't fix them and left us with an unsightly flood of foul water lapping at the door.
Thankfully, the council put us in touch with United Utilities whose young, efficient team had us sorted in no time at all - and for free!
Now She Who and I look forward to more sunshine, as we sit in the gardens revelling in our clean drains.
It's true what they say, you don't appreciate what you have until it's gone.
So, make the most of life - and visit our Books, Serial and People & Places pages.
Happy days!

The displayed book above should be available well before my next birthday - see Books page for details.

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