Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Ready to Sparkle

THE sun is shining on Lancashire's Fylde coast and I am once more on the laptop back at my work station - an armchair by the fireside at Edmonds Towers, Great Marton.

As I write this blog I've also got one eye on the telly, enjoying tennis beamed in from the Monte Carlo Country Club.
Yes, it's a grand life with retirement. However, I am also multi-tasking - keeping you abreast of new projects while also topping up She Who Knows with tea as she reads the paper in bed.
In the afternoon She Who descends for lunch (another task for You Know Who) and takes over the laptop to hone her contract bridge. By then I'll be in the garden, or strolling across Blackpool's Stanley Park (England's largest green recreational space outside London) for a dip at a posh hotel's health club.
The trouble is, I can't afford this lifestyle! Still, probably half those spectators in Monte Carlo are struggling, while putting on a brave, tanned face.
So, this is where you come in, dear reader.
On our Books page you'll see a selection of novels written by myself or friend Ed Black which you can easily order.
Also, a book signing looms at my favourite book store, Plackitt & Booth in leafy Lytham, on Wednesday, May 9 from 7pm. A few of my titles, particularly Where Angels Tread, will be available that evening plus, hopefully, a drink and some nibbles. Go to Plackitt & Booth, or their website, to book a ticket - please!
On this website, it's also the last episode of our New Serial Story Adult Beginners. This will then be moved to the Old Serial Story page, so it's your last chance to read the former serial there, In Search of Big Eileen.
I shall soon be introducing a new serial, Advantage Love, about romances at a village tennis club.
For a taste of others' real lives, there are regular updates on the People & Places page, which I hope you will also enjoy.
As we approach my favourite month of May, it's a joy to see the Fylde coast blooming; to wander down to Blackpool Cricket Club at the weekend, or join in the tennis at Lytham Sports Club. Then there are plans for a horse riding trek in the Lakes . . . so, what could possibly go wrong?
I hope you'll be gearing up, too, for a long, simmering summer. We all need it desperately after a winter of discontent.
So, friends, let's try and get sparkling . . .
Be seeing you!

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