Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Chilling Out

THE temperature's dipped below freezing here at Great Marton on Lancashire's Fylde coast. That's nothing, of course, to what our many readers in Ukraine are experiencing - warm greetings to them!

Others in the Far East, the Antipodes and elsewhere may be basking in humid sunshine, but we are content.
This is a time to dig in and organise life at home.
Fortunately, here at Edmonds Towers, I have She Who Knows to do all the organising. Contract Bridge lessons, indoor tennis and dancing sessions keep me from my beloved local, Blackpool's oldest pub - the Saddle Inn.
However, I do get chance to show my face at its friendly bar from time to time and recently caught up there with a monthly meeting of the Honourable Order of Bass Drinkers (see wikipedia). It brought eager book orders for my affectionate history, Saddle Up!
A period thriller set in Hong Kong, The Last Ghosts, is also available now through Amazon, along with my first book published with them, a haunting romance set in Cheshire and the Lake District, Where Angels Tread.
For more details see my Books page, which has been updated.
There is another anecdote in my People & Places page - the memoir section - and our long-running, popular novella In Search of Big Eileen is now finished on the Serial Story page. This will be replaced soon with the first episode of a new story, while Big Eileen will be republished eventually in book form. Your comments (see below) on these or any other matters are welcome and will all be answered. You can also email me (see profile, right).
So, put your feet up readers and another log on the fire (or chilled cocktail by the pool for those enjoying 'summer') and enjoy a seasoned taste of life with me.
Cheers all!

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